BLGR – Boys Left Girls Right

BLGR – Boys Left Girls Right

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  • Konrad Parol is back, after a two-year break, with new energy and new ideas. The new brand is addressed to both men and women, without discriminating between the sexes. It is suited to one’s personality rather than anatomy.
  • BLGR is an answer to the conditions dictated by the market. It’s tailored to the capabilities of a mass client, and is also more democratic. Taking advantage of his assets and all the means at his disposal, Parol has created a capsule collection, Resort 2014. It is composed of 7 models which are mutually compatible and allow various combinations. The collection will feature a bomber jacket – with snap fasteners; a hooded jacket with a gigantic over-sized pocket; an unusually shaped short with very practical pockets; three different styles of t-shirts with three different unique cuts as well as a peaked cap – a snapback in three different versions.
  • While retaining his style, the designer explores the possibilities provided by construction and playing with proportions. He relies on the cut rather than prints. For the first time, Parol used fabric with a characteristic camouflage print, which he has deconstructed, mixed, and cut in horizontal stripes. Remaining true to himself, Parol always gives prime importance to quality and impeccable finishing.
  • With his new concept, Parol wants to expand his previous audience, relying on quality and originality. In addition to interesting design and good craftsmanship, the garments are marked by the practical use of the pocket arrangement which can be adjusted to store A4 magazines, tablets or small notebooks. Thereby negating the need for a bag or rucksack.
  • BLGR is practical and functional. Adjusted to the conditions and possibilities of a contemporary and conscious consumer. The brand maintains a raw and urban feel; it doesn’t resort to needless ornaments or accessories. The designer remains ironic and approaches trends with a grain of salt and adapts them to his own needs without deferring to them. Parol has a casual approach to fashion that goes with his sense of humour.

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