Michael Thoms

Michael Thoms

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  • Michael Thoms
  • The Michael Thoms’ project was brought to life in August 2012, out of the collaboration between the visionary model Michael Liboni and the graphic designer Marco Architetto.
  • Marco’s dedication and precision togheter with Michael’s talent and creative flair was the winning synergy that shaped itself with the participation of Tommaso Martella and Emilio Brunazzi.
  • On June 6th, 2013 borns Michael Thoms®.
  • Michael Liboni is the soul of the project. Born in 1988, he starts very early to model on the most important Italian brands’ catwalks, and these direct experiences immediately enhance his proclivity and innate aesthetic sense from which he grasps the will to leave his mark in the fashion world.
  • Michael Thoms® aesthetic revolves around a dichotomy: surfaces are interwoven like wires; cables and continuous rak server’s connections are emblems of the alienating delirium of economical frenzy and also of plastic, copper and raw and asphyxiating materials.
  • Brightening and scratching colors of this dystopia oppose themselves to those of eels, oysters and shrimps, beings that evoke the utopian peace of the sea.
  • Graphics are obsessive, composed by all-over multiplanar components.
  • The smart reinterpretation of modeling is defining a new streetwear-over design.

You can find the SS14 Collection on MichaelThoms.it

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